Dream of beauty in troubled times

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Zi Zhang's body suddenly retreated a few steps, he slowly lowered his head, looking at the huge blood hole in his chest, a face of consternation, a strange expression slowly looked up at He Ying.

Zi Zhang's body suddenly retreated a few steps, he slowly lowered his head, looking at the huge blood hole in his chest, a face of consternation, a strange expression slowly looked up at He Ying. He Ying also looked at the black sword with a stunned face! This sword, like the last time I killed Yan Gong, killed Zi Zhang by force! She looked up at Zi Zhang and saw that he was bleeding profusely. Remembering that he was such a person, he was attacked and killed by the sword inexplicably, and suddenly felt a trace of shame in her heart. She murmured, "Senior, I!" Zi Zhang stepped back again, his eyes staring at He Ying tightly, his expression was joy, regret, sigh, loss and regret. It turned out to be a mixture of different tastes. It's hard to say. Suddenly, he grinned. A touch of blood flowed from the corners of his mouth: "He Ying, so you have really entered this realm!" With a confused look on his face, he looked behind He Ying and murmured, "It turns out that someone can really break through the master and enter this realm." After saying this, his body fell back with a bang. He Ying rushed in front of him and knelt down beside Zi Zhang, whose pupils were gradually dilating. She said softly,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, "Senior, me?" "It doesn't matter," said Zi Zhang in a low voice. "Before I die, I can see what I've been looking for but can't get. I have no regrets." His voice is lower and lower, weaker and weaker: "He Ying, your sword, it." At this point, he closed his mouth and his voice suddenly stopped! He Ying knelt beside him in a daze, she had never thought that she would kill a great master so easily! Zi Zhang gave her a very complicated feeling,Nail Making Machine price, she never thought she could kill him, would kill him! After a long time, there was a sound of cocks crowing in the distance, and a touch of light appeared on the horizon. He Ying stood up slowly. She looked at Zi Zhang's body and said softly, "Senior, you are a hero all your life. You never thought that you would die in the hands of a woman like me, did you?" Slowly, she turned her head and shouted into the darkness, "Aren't you coming?"? Come out and bring back the body of your predecessor. As soon as the voice fell, dozens of dark shadows suddenly appeared around her. He Ying looked down at the black sword in her hand and the little blood falling from it. He said lightly, "Can't wait to die?" She turned her head slowly, and her eyes swept over the crowd like lightning: "Come on!" Chapter 269 of the main text. Words: 2860 Chapter 269 everyone shudders. Fifth watch, ask for a monthly ticket! Then she strode away. Seeing her walk away, several dark shadows appeared in the darkness. They looked at each other. After a while, a man rushed to Zizhang and looked at him. He's dead! "He Ying killed him, Coil Nail Making Machine ,nail manufacturing machine, so simply killed him!"! Master Zhang, will he be so vulnerable? After a moment of silence, several people lifted the body of Zi Zhang and walked in the direction of Qi Du. He Ying walked slowly on the official road, and her mind was blank. For a moment, she seemed to think of a lot of things, but she seemed to think of nothing. She just had a feeling that she wanted to cry! This big cry, not because just killed Zi Zhang, but she finally completely to herself, to the world to prove: she He Ying, is already the world, standing on the peak of the swordsman! From then on, even Wang said that he would be afraid of her! She had been looking forward to the feeling that she could control her own destiny for a long time. But now when it really came, she was confused. So on the official road for a day, until the sun goes down, He Ying came to his senses: "Where did I come from here?"? The official road is boundless, he Ying looked, vision, unexpectedly can not see half a figure in, there is no way to ask the way. "Where should I go?" He Ying thought? Find Wang and kill him? He Ying thought again: "Or, ask again the whereabouts of He Tian?"? Thoughts poured in, but she didn't want to do anything. Whether it was revenge or gratitude, she didn't want to talk to anything at this moment. Don't want to do it! Back to the mountains. He Ying found a big tree and stared at the sky for two days. It was not until the third day that she went hunting and drank some water. In fact, the later she was, the less hungry she felt. However, eating is sometimes just a habit. If you don't do it, you always feel that you have a task that has not been completed. It was not until the seventh day that He Ying came out of the mountain. Continue walking along the official road to the front. She had already thought about it, and now she, even if she wanted to assassinate Wang said, it was not impossible! Whether it's Wang or He Tian. Isn't their dream to win the position of the supreme master of the world? He Yingyin smiled and thought, In that case. I'll do my best to mess up your abacus! All the time. You set up the rules of the game, so from today on, I can break the rules of the game at will! She had made up her mind to go to the State of Zhou! Go to the State of Zhou and kill all the three princes if you are not happy. If you're happy. Help Zhou Yan sit on the throne. No matter how precious life is, no matter how restless the world is! She strode along the official road to the front, because she was in a muddle. In order to be quiet, the road is full of some fork roads in the official road. Now, after several days in a row, it is full of wandering in the mountains, not seeing half of the human habitation, half of the village. There are so few pedestrians on these official roads that even the footprints of horses and the traces of human activities are not visible. But as long as you are on the official road, you don't have to worry about not seeing anyone. After walking like this for seven days, He Ying finally saw a market town in front of him. She was overjoyed and strode there. At this time, her face did not change, revealing her true face, but dressed in men's clothes, looking like a beautiful young man. When He Ying entered the market town, everyone was looking back at her. Over the years, he Ying has hardly shown his true face in public, so he doesn't know what he looks like. Striding toward a restaurant, the waiter came up from a distance and said with a flattering smile, "Please!"! Childe is a noble,Nail machine manufacturer, although the shop is not big, but there are many well-known dishes to entertain Childe. He Yingshou interrupted his endless introduction. "Which country is this?" She asked lightly. Waiter was stupefied and said, "This is Wen Guo." 。 3shardware.com