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After a lapse of nearly 20 years, even if one's father and mother are rich and powerful nowadays, it is not easy to investigate these things.

After a lapse of nearly 20 years, even if one's father and mother are rich and powerful nowadays, it is not easy to investigate these things. After all, the number of mothers who gave birth in that hospital was not small, and it took time just to investigate one by one. Gu Wenjing silently moved the message of the original adoptive mother forward, so that when Gu's father investigated the mother who gave birth on the same day, he could investigate the original adoptive mother as soon as possible. He did not want to let nature take its course and wait for Gu's father and mother to find him. Gu Zhao's swagger in front of him was so annoying that he really wanted to see Gu Zhao's expression after he knew that he had been recognized earlier than he was alive. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Gu Wenjing did not do anything superfluous except to attract his father to notice his adoptive mother earlier. A month later, 48 days before the college entrance examination, when Gu Wenjing went back to the shop to watch the surveillance in the shop, he saw the scene of Gu's father and mother asking the shop assistant about him in the shop. He knew that his identity had been found out, and his father and mother had come to him. At noon the next day, instead of taking a nap, Gu Wenjing sat at the cash register to collect money. He noticed that a man and a woman were looking at him outside the shop, but they didn't come in. Although the two men changed their clothes and wore sunglasses, Gu Wenjing recognized that they were the parents of the original owner. Gu Wenjing: ".." Why do you think this couple is a little strange? What's the difference between this poking and a thief? It's different from the normal recognition of relatives! However, since these two people did not officially appear,phycocyanin spirulina, Gu Wenjing was too lazy to expose them and pretended not to notice. He looked at the time. It was almost time for class in the afternoon. He picked up his schoolbag and went to the school gate. Not far from the school gate is the bulletin board, which is also posted with the ranking of the top 100 subjects in the last mock exam of Senior Three. Gu Wenjing took a look at his name on the top of the results of each subject and felt quite satisfied. Gu Wenjing went to the classroom. In front of the bulletin board he had just passed, two men and women wearing big sunglasses took off their sunglasses and looked at the ranking excitedly. The middle-aged woman who was well maintained was so excited that there were tears flashing in her eyes: "See?"? My son's grades are so good that he is the first in every subject! The total score is also the first in the grade! The middle-aged man was also a little excited, but he could hold back his excitement better than a woman. He took a deep breath and said, "We can't find Wen Jing for the time being. What if the child is distracted by the college entrance examination?" The woman does not agree however, she retorts: "We want to recognize a son,ghana seed extract, it is not what bad thing, how can you affect the university entrance exam of the son?"? Besides, I can't stand meeting my own son and not recognizing him! Look at our son, who grew up with hardship, even in the college entrance examination, other children are carefully taken care of by their parents, and our son has to look after the shop! Do you have the heart to take a nap at noon? The wife's words really touched the man's heart, he thought of Gu Wenjing just sitting in front of the cash register, while busy while taking time to eat two box lunch scene, sad. He and his wife worked so hard to earn money, not to let their children have a good future, jujube seed powder ,turmeric extract powder, not to suffer as they did. As a result of an accident, they doted on raising other people's sons, but their own sons grew up in orphanages, suffering more than ordinary children. But the man still has some scruples: "What about Gu Zhao?"? After all, he is our son who has been raised for more than ten years. How can we tell him the truth? The woman also hesitated, she also did not know how to tell the adopted son the truth, especially the adopted son's temper is also spoiled by them, if he is noisy. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< There are forty-five days before the college entrance examination. Gu Wenjing sits in front of the cashier of his shop to read a book, this time is the time to eat lunch, there is no business in the shop for the time being. Suddenly he felt someone in front of him. He looked up subconsciously and said with a smile, "Hello, what do you need?" Then he saw a familiar couple standing in front of him, the parents of the original owner he had investigated before. The expression on Gu Wenjing's face did not reveal any flaws, as if he really did not know the identity of his father and mother, and only regarded them as ordinary guests. Gu's father looked at Gu Wenjing and said nervously, "Can we talk to you in private?" Gu Wenjing put down the book in his hand and asked strangely, "What are you talking about?" "Talk about your life," said Gu's mother impatiently! You are our own son, and I am your mother! Gu's mother reached out to grab Gu Wenjing's hand, but Gu Wenjing stood up and stepped back to avoid it. He looked at them warily and said in a deep voice, "You two, although I am an orphan, I still know that I entered the orphanage because my parents died in a car accident, not because I was abandoned.". So if you want to lie, don't look for me! Gu Wenjing did not easily recognize relatives, his performance is the most normal performance of his identity today. After all, the original owner did not know the truth of his mistake, of course, he thought that his biological parents were the adoptive parents who died in a car accident, and would not believe the two people who came to recognize their relatives inexplicably. Gu Fu hurriedly took out a document, which was the paternity test of him and his wife and Gu Wenjing. "We are really your biological parents. When you were born, you were mistaken in the hospital. Your adoptive parents who died in a car accident are actually the biological parents of our adopted son.". Your mother and I are the founders of Gu's Group. You can search our photos on the Internet. We are really not liars! Gu Wenjing took the paternity test and looked at it. Doubtful, he turned on the computer and searched for the photos of the couple who were the founders of Gu's Group. He compared them and found that they were indeed the same. Then he hesitated and said, "You are really my biological parents.." His expression was somewhat confused, without the calmness and calmness of the past. Gu's father and mother said cautiously, "Wen Jing,turmeric extract powder, how about having a meal with your parents and having a good talk with them?" Gu Wenjing nodded hesitantly, then let two melon clerks look after the shop, and he went out with his father and mother.