Three-body II: dark forest

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"It was said that the convoy would refuel in the air in an hour and a half, so let's not panic." "There was no mention of that in the plan."

"It was said that the convoy would refuel in the air in an hour and a half, so let's not panic." "There was no mention of that in the plan." "Hey, don't mention it. Just now, seven escorts threw down the auxiliary fuel tank." (1) When the fighter enters the state of air combat, it is necessary to abandon the auxiliary fuel tank to reduce the weight. Why are you so surprised? Forget it, you go to sleep for a while, and don't make it too tense. "How can I sleep in this state?" "Just leave someone to guard it. What can you do with all this time?"? No matter how much emphasis is placed on the importance of security work, I have my own views: as long as you think of what you should think of and do what you should do, if something really happens in the whole process, then let it go, and no one can do anything about it, right? Don't give yourself a hard time. Hearing the word "escort handover", Luo Ji leaned up and opened the partition of the porthole to look out. It was still a vast sea of clouds, and the moon was slanting to the horizon in the night sky. He saw the wake of the fighter formation, which had now increased to six. He looked carefully at the six small planes at the top of the wake and found that their shapes were different from those of the four planes he had seen before. When the bedroom door opened again,non standard fasteners, Shi Qiang leaned in and said to Luo Ji, "Brother Luo, don't worry about a little problem.". There's nothing more. Go back to sleep. Do you still have time to sleep? It's been flying for hours. "You have to fly for a few hours, so you can sleep." Shi Qiang finished and closed the door and left. Luo Ji turned over and got out of bed, picked up the medicine bottle, and found that Dashi was so careful that there was only one pill in it. He took the medicine and looked at the little red light under the porthole. Think of it as the glow of the fireplace,die casting parts, and gradually fall asleep. When Shi Qiang woke Luo Ji up, he had slept dreamlessly for more than six hours and felt very good. It's almost here. Get up and get ready. Luo Ji went to the bathroom to wash up. Then I went back to the office and had a simple breakfast, and I felt the plane begin to descend. More than ten minutes later, the plane, which had been flying for 15 hours, landed smoothly. Shi Qiang asked Luo Ji to wait in the office and went out by himself. Soon he brought in a man with a European face, tall and neatly dressed, like a senior official. Is it Dr. Luo Ji? The official looked at Luo Ji and asked carefully. After discovering Shi Qiang's English barrier, he asked again in very stiff Chinese. He is Luo Ji. Dashi answered. Then he introduced Luo Ji briefly and said, "This is Mr. Cantor, who has come to greet you." "It's an honor." Kante said with a slight bow. When shaking hands, alloy die casting ,car radiator cap, Luo Ji felt that the man was very mature and hid everything in politeness, but his eyes still revealed what was hidden. Luo Ji was puzzled by that look, like a devil, like an angel, like a nuclear bomb, like an equally large gem. In the complex information conveyed by the eyes, Luo Ji could only distinguish one thing: this moment was very important to this person's life. Kanter said to Shi Qiang: "You have done a good job. Your link is the most concise. Others have some trouble in the process of coming." "We have been following the principle of minimizing links according to the instructions of our superiors." Shi Qiang said. This is absolutely correct. Under the current conditions, reducing links is the greatest safety. We will follow this principle in the future. We will go directly to the venue. "When will the meeting begin?" "In an hour." "Is the time so tight?" "The timing of the meeting was based on the timing of the final candidate's arrival." "This is better.". So, can we hand over? "No, you are still responsible for the safety of this one. As I said, you are the best." Shi Qiang was silent for two seconds, looked at Luo Ji, nodded and said: "When we came to familiarize ourselves with the situation two days ago, our personnel encountered a lot of trouble in action." "I promise that this will not happen again, and the local police and military will cooperate fully with you." "So," Kanter said, looking at the two men. We can go now. When Luo Ji walked out of the cabin door, he saw that it was still dark outside and thought about the time when he took off, so he could roughly know where he was on the earth. The fog was very heavy, and the lights shone yellow in the fog. Everything in front of us seemed to be a repeat of the scene when we took off. There were helicopters patrolling in the air, and only the shadows of the lights could be seen faintly in the fog. The plane was quickly surrounded by a circle of military vehicles and soldiers, all facing the periphery. Several officers with walkie-talkies gathered together to discuss something, and from time to time they looked up at the gangway ladder. Luo Ji heard a roar from above that made his scalp explode, and even the steady Cantor covered his ears. Looking up, I saw a row of blurred bright spots flying past from low altitude. It was the convoy of fighter planes. They were still hovering above. The trail drew a big circle in the air that was also faintly visible in the fog, as if a cosmic minister had marked this part of the world with chalk. Luo Ji and his party of four boarded a car waiting at the end of the gangway, which was apparently also bulletproof and reinforced, and the car quickly drove away. The curtains of the windows were drawn, but judging from the light outside, Luo Ji knew that they were also caught in the middle of a motorcade. Everyone was silent all the way, and Luo Ji knew that he was heading for the last unknown. It feels like a long way. In fact, it only takes more than 40 minutes. When Kantor said he had arrived, Luo Ji noticed a shape visible through the curtain of the car window, and its silhouette could only be seen through the curtain because of the uniform light of the building behind the thing. Luo Ji would not mistake it, because its shape was too distinct and too special: it was a huge revolver,die cast light housing, but the barrel was tied in a knot. Unless there is a second such sculpture in the world, Luo Ji now knows where he is. The Three-Body Problem II: The Dark Forest by Liu Cixin "Ural Science Fiction Network" ARK Project Archive, website: www. Wulali. Info Section 8.